So much sadness..

I have been so lost for words lately. So much sadness and violence… loss and devastation, it feels like this country has lost all control, where is the humanity? What is happening? I’m heartbroken for all the families ( past and present school shooting victims) who have lost their beautiful children, for the families of the teachers who were protecting their students, that they cared for. I pray, pray, pray for them all. I pray for the innocent people who are randomly, viscously being killed while getting groceries, going to church, attending a funeral, being at a hospital/clinic for health care, going about their every day lives and are being actively gunned down 😩 I just pray for this country so much. No-one is safe! The “United” that is supposed to define our country is sadly being trampled on by hate filled people who seek to destroy and no one is doing anything to stop them. What can be done to stop them? That’s the life-saving question? There is no time for a political war right now.. Unite and stop this now. I don’t care what your pride tells you, pocketbooks/wallets, personal belief, or what your religion is, we can all at-least agree that we no longer feel safe in our own country from our own fellow citizens. Meanwhile, while our government decides ( fights) about what can be done, we all have to watch this unfold before our eyes, our children’s eyes, in shock and horror!!

So sad! 😞

Tell the ones you love how much you love them and often. Remain kind and spread it as much as you can. Stay safe!

Love, hugs and understanding! Angela Suttner, KennyBugs Momma! 🦋

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