So Thankful!!

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I want to take a bit to express my thanks and gratitude for those who have read our book and have helped us reach this milestone… #50 reviews 🎉 It may not seem like such a big deal but for us it’s huge! We are excited to know that those who have read Kenny’s story have been impacted and will go on to tell others about Kenny’s story.

Our wish is that Kenny’s story will instill hope in those who need to know they are not alone. The thought of our book saving a life means everything to me and helps my broken heart. It’s the very reason for sharing KennyBugs story and my painful journey.

So, I humbly thank each of you for your continued support and care for Kenny and his story!

With love, hugs and understanding! Please Be Kind! It’s Easy!!

Angela, KennyBugs Momma!

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