Happy 23rd Birthday, Kennybug! January Fourteenth!

Like a carousel, my mind spins around and around. Slowly. Not so fast as to feel sick but just enough to feel like I need to plant my feet firmly on the ground. Instead of beautiful, colorful horses, synchronized as they go round and around – my mind plays slideshows of birthday party memories, pictures of Kenny’s smiling face as we all sang “ Happy Birthday” for him. I can see his face so clear with his beautiful blue eyes that shined so bright when he smiled.. Kenny’s smile made you feel like you were special somehow.. it was said to me once that “Kenny’s smile was like a warm hello without him saying a word” and that’s very accurate!

As I’ve been feeling the anxiety and panic build in my chest and head. I close my eyes tight and plant my feet firmly and focus on my son’s wonderful smile. I will spend today weeping endlessly but I will do so and also smile because I will be thinking of Kenny’s smile!

With a broken heart I pray Kenny is remembered by many today and they spread kindness, tolerance and acceptance. Please Be Kind! It’s Easy!

With Love, hugs and understanding, Angela, KennyBugs Momma!

3 thoughts on “Happy 23rd Birthday, Kennybug! January Fourteenth!

  1. JC Monroy

    Hello Angela, It’s JC Monroy.. My best wishes always to you and the family. I’ve seen you and your family grow and continue to follow Kenny Missouri bill, Legacy and Our Facebook Group. I’ll continue to carry Kenny in my prayers and thoughts. I’ll also continue to pray for you and your family.. God Bless.. Happy Birthday Kenny.. God’s Speed



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