Remembering when..

This caught my attention today in a big big way. It’s a beautiful picture and the saying, like a bell, rang so loud for me.. it is very true!

My memories before December 21, 2016 are clear, crisp, like new.. I can remember dates, places and events like it was yesterday.. ask me what I did 4 days ago and I may or may not recall. It is like a time difference that I can not quite explain. The days seem to mesh together.

Fighting for normal, one day at a time. Remembering time can not be moved or taken back. I keep moving forward while holding on tight to my yesterdays, they are my memories with my son. They say time heals all wounds.. not true. They say never look back your future is ahead of you, yes but my son is back there. Not everything is as simple as it sounds.

With a heavy heart, mind and soul..

Love, hugs and understanding to all!

Angela, KennyBugs momma!

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