When nature offers a warm ray of sunshine, a beautiful song just for you from gods creatures, unseen, but you know they are there. Birds, frogs, the trees swaying.. it all culminates into a peaceful tune. With the creek gently flowing by it brings you calmness. The air feels new, smells like earth and fills your lungs with purity. Spring.

Our creek!

Spring sprinkles a ray of hope for all, it’s full of new beginnings, new growth and so much beautiful transformation everywhere you look. The array of colors, the hummingbirds are back for their months long stay, baby birds are getting their feathers and soon frolicking fawns will be seen. It is all so lovely and amazing. To stop and smell the flowers and take in all Gods wonderful sprinkles of happiness that come with the season. I feel blessed to witness this each year.

Beautiful sunset picture I took!

I stop and admire each of Springs sunsets, each so different, special and priceless. I take in all of Springs blessings because my son can’t. Kenny can no longer experience all of the wonders the simple country life we live have to offer and for him I will never take it for granted again. When a butterfly lands on my shoulder I think of my son, when an eagle soars over the house I think of my son.. my son is everywhere because I think of him in all the beauty of nature.

With sadness and grief we are allowed to feel happiness nomatter how far and in between it may be.

Love, hugs and understanding to all!

Angela, Kennybugs Momma!

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