4 thoughts on “Sincerely, Angela: A Mother’s Letter About Her Son’s Bullycide

  1. Like always Mrs Suttner, Beautiful words and Kenny will always be remembered and will help make a difference .. JC Monroy


  2. Angela, I found this post in Reader. This is such a beautiful post for Kenny and it brought tears to my eyes. I’m reblogging this because I want to not only give you exposure, but I also want everyone possible to know how painful this is and I want them to see, from the words of a family member who has watched their loved one bullied and who knows what bullying can do, the heartbreak surviving families of bullycide face everday. And also the hell targets of bullying face when they go to school and work every day. God bless you, Angela! And thank you for your hard work in bringing awareness to school and workplace bullying!

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  3. Thank you! It’s not easy but I know how important it is for Kenny’s story to be heard. We hope his story will help children/adults who are being bullied at school or in the workplace to please speak out. You are not alone. We are listening and want to help.

    Thank you for your continuous support and kindness, it means so much!


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