The whole family suffers, grieves, lives with PTSD, we experience our own individual nightmares everyday because each of us mentally have blocked out certain parts but vividly remember other moments. We as a family were once close, on the same page… My husband and I were so proud how close our 4 boys were. Protectors, buddy’s, teachers… they loved each other so much. Of course they had brother fights.. what family doesn’t? But they were back to buddy’s in no time. 🙂

Fast forward to almost 2 1/2 years later and Kenny’s 3 brothers can not get along. It breaks my heart. I wish I could fix their hearts and be able to make sure they feel happiness.. I want them to remember and care for each other like they did before. I feel like Kenny was the glue that held so many of us together, now were all lost.

When I say KennyBug was the glue that held us together, for an example: Kenny adored family time.. get togethers with family, he adored all of his family.. Grandparents, Aunts,Uncles, Cousins.. and you could always find him sitting with the adults 😉 He was such a joy!

We all sense his loss in our every day life, every day.. and every day makes it one more that we havent seen, heard or felt Kenny’s love… Kenny had a wonderful smile with his beautiful eyes.. a contagious laugh and he always made people feel good about themselves, loved.

Kenny was a treasure I wish the world would of gotten to know.. but with his story I feel like he is helping children speak out against bullying and we get some sense of peace knowing that.

Please in situations of loss, sudden or not, no matter what the manner… remember the siblings, they suffer their own kind of grief 😦

Sincerely! Angie, KennyBugs Momma!

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