Our Son Deserves So Much More!

The saying ” Gone but never forgotten” is just something people say, they do forget. Another common one ” You find out who your true friends are in your darkest hour” unfortunately, this one I have found to be true. And I am heartbroken.

I keep trying to justify why or how those who knew and loved Kenny could now turn their back on any kind of justice we could receive for him. I am just numb… I understand self preservation, being fearful of retaliation, protecting your child from potential bullying themselves if you speak but if noone speaks… then nothing changes and the chances of your child enduring bullying remain the exact same because nothing will change.

I feel like – what’s the point? Why have I put our family through this fight to make a change in schools for ALL of our children, spreading Awareness and Prevention as much as I can? Why? My heart gets ripped out everytime I have helped a parent who has a child being bullied ( which I love helping any way I can), or the stories of the children who keep dieing due to the cruelty that has infected our schools, the parents that I’ve met who walk along side of me who also have Angel’s due to bullying and so so much more that I have experienced for almost 2 1/2 years. I’ve been to Florida to spread Kenny’s story, I’ve been to the Capitol in Mo. to support Kenny’s Law (SB791), spoken with Senators, reporters, news media, we participate in the Out Of The Darkness walks held in Columbia, Mo. all in the hope of bringing the spot light on bullying/bullycide/workplace violence… EVERYONE DESERVES A SAFE LEARNING AND WORK PLACE! Some days its draining, hard, and I struggle to keep going, to keep fighting for Justice, for change, for better… children should not be afraid to go to school. PERIOD!

But after all I do, we do as a family, Kenny’s support group… all of us, nothing has changed.. it’s still the same story after story every day. The ones who were willing to speak for Kenny’s Justice 2 1/2 years ago, today choose not to speak for him any longer.

How will change happen…how will our children be safer without those who can speak out but choose not to?

Yes, I feel betrayed. Yes, I feel like my son deserved better from those who were his “friends”. Yes, I think cowarding down now is the biggest smack in the face and lastly I feel like I should just throw in the towel ( so to speak)! I feel like with the time that has passed our son, baby, wonderful young man, caring, loving Kenny has been forgotten by the people who stood up for him and now back down out of fear. I understand fear.. I understand it all too well, we live it everyday… all you had to do was tell the truth. That’s all!

Our nightmare started 12-21-2016, the day Kenny left us …. the pain, shock, utter emptiness that followed is indescribable. Our family will never ever be the same. Ever.

Sincerely a broken mother, Angela Kenny’s Momma and voice.

4 thoughts on “Our Son Deserves So Much More!

  1. Cynthia Fox

    I’m sorry Angela!! I wish I was better with words. I’m going to share a story with you but I know that it does not compare to the loss of Kenny and the grief you and your family experience every single day!
    When I had my accident in 1992, I was paralyzed and on a ventilator. For the first few weeks my family and friends flooded in, and never missed a day. After a month or so, the “novelty” (for lack of better words) wore off and visits from my friends were rare, my aunts and uncles visits died off, and even my Mom and siblings visits were scarce. I could not believe that my family and friends were so quick to go back to their normal lives while mine was so fucked up! (Sorry) I would never walk again, never feed myself again, never breathe on my own, I would be dependent for all my needs and everybody was disappearing! The one person who was always my support, was my dad. … he was my best friend! 🙂
    After my accident people talked to me about public speaking in regard’s to being a quadriplegic. I was not interested and never became interested. It was not going to change my situation to speak about it, so it was nonsense to me.
    So, in closing I just want to say I commend you for everything you do! Kenny is proud of you!! Also, I understand and I’m sorry!!


  2. cheriewhite

    Very powerful article. It brought tears to my eyes!

    Realize that anytime you work to make a change, you’re going to make enemies, you will have friends turn against you, and you will be stonewalled. The devil doesn’t like to have his work sabotaged by you, me, or anyone. But please stay in the fight no matter how bad things get, no matter how long you hear nothing but silence. Understand that this is a test. I’m going through something similar and yes, it hurts! But stay in the fight. Keep going. Because they WANT you to give up. Don’t! Because it may take a while- years even. But your efforts will pay off one day. Keep Kenny’s memory alive and keep the faith, honey!




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