Lost between Happy and Guilt!

With grief comes guilt, survivors guilt. Before losing my son I wasn’t sure what that meant.. it means every time I smile I feel guilt, every time I feel a bit of happiness I have emmense guilt.. to have family moments without Kenny, we have guilt. It’s just not fair that he is not here with us like he should be, like we wish with all our might that he was here with us to share new moments with… Instead we have to learn to be a family minus 1. And it sucks!

Nothing in this world will ever make our family whole again, nothing. We are forever a family just doing our best to live day by day without a piece of us. Our hearts and minds may never heal. Our hearts are broken and our minds are tortured by memories of the night we lost our 6th piece of our family, Kenny! The loss of your child, your brother, in this manner is beyond comprehension. There are no answers, only questions and unsolved stories. We are forever left with ????????? Why were people so mean to him, why? Why? Why? With noone to step forward to explain it to us. It hardens the heart, anger is always near and can take hold very easily. It’s a constant fight to let time and patience deliver the Justice Kenny so deeply deserves.

See our Kenny was always a survivor, always happy, always willing to go the extra mile for someone else…. But he was too strong for everyone else and not for himself. As his Mother I would gladly, in a heartbeat take his place, my best friend, my miracle baby, just so he could do all the wonderful things in this world that I know he would have.. but I can’t. I wasn’t given a chance. His pain was to much to bare and my precious baby wouldn’t let me help him carry that pain.

For those mean spirited people who say ” he took the easy way out” cause me so much pain and anger. My son was in turmoil till the very end and easy it was not. He had to choose between living a life of torture verses being with family and for once in his young life he chose himself. To be at peace. And I am bawling while I type these words because God help me I wish I could of stopped it and saved my son. That’s all I wish.

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