Always and Forever!

Like a lot of you, I wake up and check my socials. I check my Facebook memories, I like to sit and remember each past post.. the day, what we were doing, etc. I try to hang onto every memory. Some days are easier than others.

This mornings past post from 3 years ago.

A Mother’s Anguish!
Our KennyBug!

It’s so hard. Hard to explain just what it’s like to wake up every single morning with the instant thought of “ my child is gone” and to try to be “ ok”! Even in the book that we published in Kenny’s honor, Where The Trail Ends: The Kenny Suttner Story, I feel like I still wasn’t able to portray the full, reality of life after child loss. Because it is that hard to put into words. I do my best to be raw and open so that the parents like me know they are not alone. I hope in small way I can help.

If today is a hard day.. it’s ok. Take some time to just feel all your emotions and remember the good times! That’s what I’ll be doing today 🦋

For me I’ll be focusing on Kenny in the picture above. Kenny didn’t like having his picture taken very much but this particular evening he asked me to take this picture. He had just gotten his haircut and he liked it, so did I!! He felt good about himself in that moment and that memory alone will sustain me today.

Sending Love, Hugs and Understanding, Angela, KennyBugs Momma!

Where the Trail Ends: The Kenny Suttner Story

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