A new day.. Thankful!

After a wrestless nights sleep I awoke to a beautiful sunny day. But my heart feels so heavy. I can not let go of witnessing such cruelty spread by words, it shook me to my core. My voice silenced. My work haulted. My faith rocked.

We Roar for KennyBug!

For over three years now I have advocated #BEKIND#ITSEASY and raised awareness on the harm of bullying others. The detrimental long term effects it has on ones soul. I’ve done this feverishly in hopes of being able to create some change in people’s hearts.

In recent events I’ve been made aware by actions and words that not even those closest to me get the message and it is so disheartening. Why do I put myself out there telling my son’s story if no one gets it. I know change takes time and may be I’m naive in thinking I could soften even the hardest hearts. But I did. And I feel defeated.

I will never understand how it comes so easily for some to be cruel, demeaning and judgmental. How can they sleep at night knowing someone else is hurting because of them? Where is the compassion for another human being?

Lost and bewildered. I will eventually regain my composure and keep moving forward in this fight of kindness verses cruel but some days it’s so hard.

With love, hugs, and understanding, Angie… Kennybugs momma!

May we all see the light!

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