Grateful. Thankful. Humbled.

Sometimes it seems as though the sadness, anger, desperation and heartache I am feeling can be read on my face and goes from mind to words very easily…sometimes it stays bottled up nice and tight. So many feelings all the time, mixed and matched with whatever the day brings. With a raw heart and open wounds, I forget to stop and express my thanks to those who have kept me going since we lost our Kennybug. I am extremely grateful and forever indebted to so many whose support and care have been invaluable to me during the last 3 years and (almost) 5 months without my child. The kindness that has been shown to us comes from all parts of this world and is truly humbling and a profound honor to know that now and for always our Kenny touched the lives and hearts of many. Kenny left behind the legacy of pure kindness. Those who knew Kenny, even if they only met him one time, remember our son. I’ve been told that over and over again. With Kenny’s after school job he had many customers who remembered him by his smile and the stand up kindness he bestowed upon them. That is a gift! There have been many many more who never even met our son but instead saw a picture of our son in the many media outlets, read an article or heard about him on the radio have said that they instantly felt heartbroken for Kenny, for us, and felt compelled to reach out to me. What a gift! Most comment on Kenny’s eyes and how you could see straight to his kind soul and they just felt connected to him. What a gift!

All of the things we knew and loved so deeply about our son.. the world sees, the world listened to Kenny’s story and cares for Kenny as well. I think in part because Kennybugs story was so unheard of and was considered unprecedented at the time and for the first time people from everywhere could see that my child could very easily be anyone’s child, in the sense that here we were a family with a normal everyday life, working, loving, happy family and this happened to our son and our family, that meant it could happen to anyone. I think Kenny’s story and those that have stuck with us through this journey have been able to help in the spread of Awareness and Prevention. With the “We Roar For KennyBug! #BEKIND #ITSEASY” initiative it has helped children and adults have a voice. A platform to which they can stand and say this is happening to my child or themselves. To help. What a gift! If Kenny would want anything… it would be to help others. I am blessed to be his momma, it is my job to continue to try to help as many as possible through Kenny’s story.

The care and support we recieve helps us tremendously, it reminds us constantly that kindness will prevail. We have recieved some of the most treasured of gifts. Drawings of Kenny done by fantastic talented artists. Thoughtful cards. Endless messages of thoughts and prayers that provide me strength. Just amazing kindness that is so unexpected but so much appreciated. It helps so much knowing we are not alone.

A 5th grade class from California made a book about Bullying and dedicated it to Kenny. It is one of my most treasured gifts. Priceless and means so much. A group of young children heard my sons story and set out to help spread the importance of kindness and acceptance. What a gift!

A soldier who was overseas sent us a U.S. flag that had been flown over the headquarters in Baghdad in honor of our Kenny. MSG. Michael Sass made sure I recieved it from overseas. With it was a wonderful letter and a certificate with Kenny’s name to commemorate our son. All while fighting for our county, he took the time to let our family know he cared. What a gift! We will never beable to thank him enough. It is priceless and will always be treasured.


I will never beable to express to each and every single person who deserves a Thank You! Our family and friends are wonderful and irreplaceable to us. They have struggled with us and we help each other through each day. What a gift!

It helps to stop and remember all the things to be thankful for and to allow some of that joy to be felt. Tell our loved ones that we love them, and often.. that we appreciate them and all they do. Give credit where credit is due and thanks where gratitude resides because without the loyal love and support of those around us we would be lost. Thank you!

With Love, hugs and understanding.. here’s to hoping for a good day today. Some joy while we remember our angel children, a smile, a laugh.

Sincerly, Angela, Kennybug’s momma!

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