My Mother’s Day prayer…

Today, May 10th 2020 Mark’s the 4th Mother’s Day with KennyBug in Heaven. Our angel. The missing link in my everyday. A part of my heart, mind and soul is with Kenny today, like all days but today more so than others. I find the despair in my heart growing as the day progresses.

KennyBug! A day on the river!

What I wouldnt give to hear his sweet voice say with so much love and legit happiness ” Happy Mother’s Day Momma” with a specially made card and some fresh beautiful flowers from my all my boys, that’s what I miss. Seeing all their faces, feeling each of their individual hugs, each so different, each my pride and joys. I miss those days so much. It’s what so many take for granted. You never imagine one day you’ll spend a Mother’s Day without all your children, never. Every other thought goes out in a prayer to your angel child, closing your eyes for a moment pushing all your love as far up to Heaven as you can to reach your child. To have them feel your love, to know they are always in your thoughts, especially today. For our child you will always be and celebrated on this day, grateful for the day God gave me you. Being a mother 4 times over I’ve been blessed.. and he blessed me with 17 years with Kenny by my side to celebrate this day. Now I have to learn each day, each month, each holiday to get through the best I can.

I will spend this Mothers Day doing the best I can. Loving each of my children. I pray they all know my love is forever. I pray that they always know there are no boundaries and that my heart beats for them.

My Mother’s Day prayer for all of us! Those of us who are missing our child I pray we can all find some peace today knowing that our Angel’s are always with us.. when we remember them, a moment in time, we keep them close and they will always be alive in our thoughts.

With Love, hugs and understanding Happy Mother’s Day, from one grieving parent to another.

Angela, KennyBugs Momma!!



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