Right around the corner..

One word.. SPRING! I can sense it in the air, soon it’ll be here to stay and I can’t wait! Green grass, full trees and longer days.. and glorious warm sunlight!! I’m ready to get my hands in the dirt planting flowers and we are planting a huge vegetable garden this year, so excited! It’s been a few years since I’ve nurtured a garden due to some health issues, but this year I’m pushing through and making it happen. With the ways of the world right now, it’s a must. If ya know.. ya know! Like so many I don’t do well during the winter months, for many reasons, they are just hard months for me. Kenny’s Angelversary being in December along with the holidays and then within a few weeks is Kenny’s birthday.. it’s a lot. Each year for six years now, I muddle through somehow. I count the days till spring like a child counts the days to the last day of school.. if I can just make it to Spring, I’ll be ok. My light at the end of a very rough season. Now it’s right around the corner and I am feeling a bit of life creep back into me. Before the death of my son I can’t say that I’ve ever experienced seasonal depression.. in my grief I crave the outdoors, barefoot walking in the dirt, sitting in the woods.. that’s when my soul is quietest and my mind can rest.

Here’s to the end of a very long winter and the beginning of new growth and beauty to brighter our days!!

With love, hugs and understanding!

Sincerely, Angela, KennyBugs momma! 🦋

2 thoughts on “Right around the corner..

  1. Cindy

    I enjoy reading your blog! You express yourself well and it’s like your readers are right there with you. I hope your health ailments continue t improve so you get your garden planted this spring, It won’t be much longer

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