September: Suicide Awareness and Prevention!

This month and October ( Bullying Awareness Month) are difficult but very important months for us and so many.. it’s a time where people tend to pay a bit more attention to what we have to say. The way society looks at mental health is very sad. It’s a very dismissive topic because of the stigma that has surrounded the very serious issue. When people are worried about being shamed, judged, or ignored if they speak up.. then they simply won’t speak out! We must treat those who suffer from depression, anxiety’s, mental illness, etc. with the dignity and respect they deserve. People need to know they are not alone. So many people suffer in silence!

Myself as an example. I will admit I have learned it’s not easy to reach out or want to talk about depression. With my grief, I experience depression and the depths have ranged over the last almost six years since our son passed away due to suicide. It’s very difficult but I do talk to a select few about what I am feeling, going through at the time and that helps me know I’m not alone.. Whether it’s because it’s a parent who knows exactly how I feel, or my great friend, or a family member, It helps to know there’s always someone you can be honest with when they ask you how you are.. and it’s ok to not be ok! I share my journey with others through writing just in case there is someone out there who is going through something similar and I can help them feel less alone.. you are not! 🥰

Please never let the fear of being a burden if you talk about what your going through keep you silent.. that fear is lieing to you! Your loved ones and friends want you here and will do whatever they have to in order to help you. That I promise. There is nothing in this world that my husband and I wouldn’t have done to still have our son. Our family would have rallied around him with so much love and support if given the chance. Our family is forever devastated. We struggle daily. We love and miss Kenny so much, the heartache is overwhelming! It hurts so much every time I hear of another parent losing their child to suicide.. I wish with all my heart for no other parents to feel this pain.

We all can help and make a change by spreading as much awareness and prevention as possible. Let people know they are not alone. Speak up so they can speak out!! 🦋🦋

You should be here!
Kenny’s drawing and a picture of him at the ocean!

Please Be Kind! It’s Easy!! Where the Trail Ends: The Kenny Suttner Story

Love, hugs and understanding!

Angela Suttner, KennyBugs Momma!! 🦋❤️

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