It is true in the blink of an eye your whole world can change. Be shattered like beautiful stained glass that once mirrored your life.

Forever loved!

We thought we had time, so much more time. Many more memories to make, pictures to take. Special occassions that couldn’t be erased, accomplishments we would watch and moments to be cherished and embraced. It doesn’t seem fair, no not at all.. to see my son rise so tall, strong and kind .. just to have him fall. To have cruelty take away so much. No more stumbles, no more getting back up. The end to all his tomorrow’s, no goodbye, just days full of sorrow.

We begin and begin again, to try to understand, more questions is all we have in the end.

Say – I love you- as much as you can because your world is fragile and all those you love irreplaceable. If your mad, stay mad but don’t hate, if your lost stick out your hand for someone to take. Help is a heartbeat away, please speak for those whose voice won’t say… They need some one to be kind to them today.

Tomorrow is not promised so do not take today for granted.

Love, hugs and understanding!

Angela, Kennybugs momma!

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